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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Which is the best Samsung smartphone of 2015?

Many of us will be struggling to decide which smartphone to get or maybe firstly, which platform e.g android or iOS. In the past few years, I have tended to go with Samsung. The clear contenders are the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge plus and Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy S6
This is a beautiful phone, introducing the glass finish and premium look. However, the edge display is sexier looking and so you could do better.

Galaxy S6 edge
Worryingly, many people who bought this device were disappointed to later learn that Samsung was releasing the edge plus. Pretty much the same phone but bigger display at 5.7 instead of 5.1in, bigger RAM at 4gb instead of 3gb, bigger battery at 3000mAh instead of 2600 and a higher pixel density on the edge plus.

Galaxy S6 edge plus
If you are looking for bigger is better, this is your device.

Galaxy Note 5
The best Samsung device ever, up to last year in my opinion, was the Note 4. Multitasking capability was from another dimension. There were high expectations for the Note 5 and it did not deliver. The Note 4 is still a beast that is only let down by its design and feel. It lacks that elegance that Samsung has introduced with the 2015 devices and poor RAM.

For me, there is one clear winner. Samsung devices struggle with lag, mainly due to 2 things being RAM and touchwiz. The edge plus has shown absolutely no lag in the time I've had it. It has all the goodness of the other devises but bigger and better. I hope Samsung do better with the next Note as I have always preferred them, but for now, I'm sticking with the edge plus.

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