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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why i decided to get my Samsung Galaxy S2

My History with phones started with Nokias really. I changed my phone roughly every year, preferred the smartphones. I used several versions of the the Symbian system before getting the very first iphone. I liked it but it did not have MMS, bluetooth usage was limited to headsets, at the time i needed infrared which it didn't have, the app store was not that big and actually simple things like cut and paste had been omitted. I have also had the iphone 4 which restricts to itunes. I hate the fact that you have to jailbreak an iphone to get its full functionality.

The galaxy S2 brings the android oS which is really liberating. You can fully customise almost everything on the phone. I also like the idea of customizable widgets, which i had seen on the symbian system.

I do not need a separate diary, mp3 player, electronic organiser, ebook reader, tablet and other related gadgets. I have all of these in one. It is refreshing that all of the youtube comparison videos I've watched favour the galaxy S2. I find that the android market has a lot more free apps as well. I have a feeling i will have this phone for a lot longer, as long as i keep updating the oS. 

I have mabe these 2 videos to address the 2 errors that annoyed me the most. Enjoy;


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