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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why old phones are coming back

I remember the Nokia symbian days when I used to get apps from websites like psiloc.com. I have been a proud owner of a Nokia 6600 and Nokia E90 among others. I was starting to think that some of my favourite things about them had been lost.

I had psiloc ir remote installed when I went to Africa on holiday and managed to switch off televisions in a shop, which I thought was funny. This goes back 6 years or so. This was because these phones had infrared which I thought had been lost with the introduction of the Samsung galaxy range. Thank god it's back on the galaxy s4.

The symbian os v9 on my old Nokia E90 allowed me to have widgets that I could rearrange. I thought this had been lost with the introduction of the iPhone.

It seems that phone technology is going backwards. Some of the apps we had back then are still to be discovered. Magic profiles pro was very good and Google now has recently captured my favourite location based reminders e.g. Remind me to buy milk when I get to Tesco. Still a long way to go though to make it change profiles or launch apps based on gsm and calender entries. There are Android apps like Llama trying to address this but not as good.

I had an app called Socially for symbian which showed your contacts social network comments and updates within contacts so that you did not always need to go to say Facebook or Twitter. It was well integrated with notifications and again this is sometime ago.

I could go on forever. Best Mobile technology is in the past.

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