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Monday, 4 March 2013

Make calls and messages from your Tablet with O2's "Tu Go" App.

I have just been trying out this app from the mobile network giant O2. The app is called "Tu Go" and is for O2 subsribers only. I installed it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi only. The idea is that your O2 number is used to make calls and messages. You inclusive texts and minutes are used which is the one drawback compared to say whatsapp.

I was able to make calls from my tablet over wifi. The only issue i observed was that there was a slight delay when making the call i.e. when you press call, the recipient's phone will not ring for about 30 seconds. O2 acknowledges that there is a long way to go. They are making improvements to set themselves apart from the usual VoIP.

Update 5 March 2013
I had another go today. I noticed that Tu Go maintains your call and message log in sync with the phone logs. I turned the phone off and took the sim out of the phone. I was still able to make calls over wifi. I like this because if my phone runs out of battery (galaxy s3 only lasts a day) then i can call from my wifi tab which needs a charge once every 3 days or so. I will have both my call and message logs synced so can easily continue my conversations.

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