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Monday, 11 June 2012

Galaxy s stops working in the middle of an update

I recently attempted to update my girlfriend's galaxy s i19000 with the value pack via kies on usb. Kies showed an error saying it could not recognise the device and that i should disconnect and take the battery out, and turning the phone back on after replacing the battery. The phone would not go past a screen with an icon of a phone with a computer showing a broken link between the phone. I thought i had had it and lost everything. The phone was no longer responding. The forums seemed to suggest taking it to sumsang. 

I decided to use a software called Odin which is freely available on the net. I also needed firmware  which is also freely available on sites like sammobile.com. The method is so simple and very quick. It took just under 3 minutes. The phone is now up to date and no data was lost including settings. The lesson here is that kies is crap and could cause major disruption. Imagine if i had lost all the data, photos and everything.

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