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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to make money

I am writing this as I'm watching a programme called MONEY. It shows people paying sums like £400, £600 and even £2000 for seminars on being millionaires. Almost all these seminars emphasise that going to get an education in school is a waste of time. They teach that we all should not be looking for a job and can be financially free. Watching this programme made me think I was watching a cult. All the people shown in the programme following these teachings seemed very stupid and gullible. I mean they were being told to scratch their earlobes, jump up and down, high five-ing each other and chanting "I have a millionaire's mind" "I'm financially free" and so forth, in what was being called wealth coaching or millionaire mind reconditioning. I only wish these gullible people could one day say "Hey when we pay for these seminars isn't that how these people got rich in the first place"

Don't get me wrong, making money these days has a lot to do with chance, opportunity, good timing and luck among other things. I could win the lotto next week purely out of chance. I just feel sorry for people who get taken for a ride because they can't see the full picture. I currently earn around £35000 a year and would like to be a millionaire one day but there is no way I would give up my job in pursuit of millionaire conditioning seminars. It seems to me that the get rich quick schemes have just got cleverer. I don't normally describe anyone as gullible but if someone without a job is spending money on the credit card to go on expensive seminars, claiming to become a millionaire in a year's time.........come on! 

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