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Monday, 26 December 2011

Samsung galaxy s2 problem

There is an annoying problem with the current Android version where if apps are installed to an external card the app icons reshuffle and move every time you restart your galaxy s2 or use a task killer. You tend to end up with a lot more screens than you had before and because your icons get moved, it then stops you finding your apps at a glance.

I have found a way to resolve this but only if your apps are stored on internal storage. You will need to navigate to Applications, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications and then click All. Scroll to TwLauncher and click on it. Clear data and cache (this resets your home screen to original settings but all your apps and app screens will still be there). Now you will need to restart your phone and then set your app icons as you would like. They will now stay in place.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

My best Android Apps :)

Just wanted to shere some of my best apps that i use on my Samsung Galaxy S2. It's more of the everyday apps as opposed to the technical operational Apps. First of all i just have to show you my home screen. The apps i use more frequently have widgets or shortcuts on the homescreen. If you look on the top left, you will see 6 degrees in blue. This is the accuweather app whick i have found to be very reliable. Although android phones come with accuweather, you will need to download the one from the market which seems to do a lot more.

I use ebay, facebook, twitter, foursquare, formspring and google plus a lot and have these apps from these developers as opposed to third party. Infact, Google+, twitter and facebook recently got new look updates and i'll be the first to admit that they now offer a very intense user experience.

My other apps are the LLoyds and natwest banking apps, lottery results, bible, bbc, Flashlight, groupon, argos, nectar, premier league, linkedin, google translate, british gas, paypal, PAYE tax calculator, Loan Calc, Redlaser, dictionary and RAC traffic. I also love the Filmon Free TV app which also works with 3g.

My latest app has really impressed me. It's wikitude and brings everything that little bit closer to you. It shows what's around you, even closest twitter and other social network users.It also uses Augmented Reality navigations system where your Navigation takes place in realtime in the live-camera image of your smartphone. Next to a conventional 3D map view, Wikitude Drive has a spectacular Augmented Reality camera view, where driving directions are directly drawn into the real road you are driving on.

The system works by attaching your mobile phone on top of your dashboard with the camera facing the road. The application then overlays video captured through the camera with driving instructions. This allows users to literally drive through their phone, watching the road even while they are looking at directions

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why is Borderline Personality Disorder called "Borderline"?

The term "borderline" goes back a long way. For centuries, European society excluded people regarded as "insane" from normal life, confining them to asylums or driving them from one town to another. By the 18th century, a few doctors were beginning to study the people in asylums, and discovered that some of these patients had, by no means, lost the powers of reason: they had a normal grasp of what was real and what wasn't, but they suffered terribly from emotional anguish through their impulsiveness, ragefulness, and a general difficulty in self-governance caused others to suffer. They seemed to live in a borderland between outright insanity and normal behavior and feeling.
These people, who were neither insane nor mentally healthy, continued to puzzle psychiatrists for the next one hundred years. It was in this "borderland" that society and psychiatry came to place its criminals, alcoholics, suicidal people, emotionally unstable and behaviorally unpredictable people—to separate them off both from those with more clearly defined psychiatric illnesses at one border (those, for example, whose illness we have come to call schizophrenia and manic-depressive or "bipolar" disorder) and from "normal" people at the other border.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to make money

I am writing this as I'm watching a programme called MONEY. It shows people paying sums like £400, £600 and even £2000 for seminars on being millionaires. Almost all these seminars emphasise that going to get an education in school is a waste of time. They teach that we all should not be looking for a job and can be financially free. Watching this programme made me think I was watching a cult. All the people shown in the programme following these teachings seemed very stupid and gullible. I mean they were being told to scratch their earlobes, jump up and down, high five-ing each other and chanting "I have a millionaire's mind" "I'm financially free" and so forth, in what was being called wealth coaching or millionaire mind reconditioning. I only wish these gullible people could one day say "Hey when we pay for these seminars isn't that how these people got rich in the first place"

Don't get me wrong, making money these days has a lot to do with chance, opportunity, good timing and luck among other things. I could win the lotto next week purely out of chance. I just feel sorry for people who get taken for a ride because they can't see the full picture. I currently earn around £35000 a year and would like to be a millionaire one day but there is no way I would give up my job in pursuit of millionaire conditioning seminars. It seems to me that the get rich quick schemes have just got cleverer. I don't normally describe anyone as gullible but if someone without a job is spending money on the credit card to go on expensive seminars, claiming to become a millionaire in a year's time.........come on! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Being Normal

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what being "normal" actually means. It seems that there are so many interpretations out there. Going out in the street and stabbing someone is clearly seen as not normal. I like to see things from both sides. What about someone who keeps dangerous animals like snakes, lions, crocodiles, etc? It is my view that this behaviour is not normal. Why would anyone expose themself to clear danger? So many people have been killed this way and this has been highly publicised. In the same breath, is it normal to walk outside alone in the middle of the night? Even without referring to crimewatch, I think that placing yourself in that situation is not normal.
I will leave you with an even more intriguing proposal. Is falling in love a form of self harm? Let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why i decided to get my Samsung Galaxy S2

My History with phones started with Nokias really. I changed my phone roughly every year, preferred the smartphones. I used several versions of the the Symbian system before getting the very first iphone. I liked it but it did not have MMS, bluetooth usage was limited to headsets, at the time i needed infrared which it didn't have, the app store was not that big and actually simple things like cut and paste had been omitted. I have also had the iphone 4 which restricts to itunes. I hate the fact that you have to jailbreak an iphone to get its full functionality.

The galaxy S2 brings the android oS which is really liberating. You can fully customise almost everything on the phone. I also like the idea of customizable widgets, which i had seen on the symbian system.

I do not need a separate diary, mp3 player, electronic organiser, ebook reader, tablet and other related gadgets. I have all of these in one. It is refreshing that all of the youtube comparison videos I've watched favour the galaxy S2. I find that the android market has a lot more free apps as well. I have a feeling i will have this phone for a lot longer, as long as i keep updating the oS. 

I have mabe these 2 videos to address the 2 errors that annoyed me the most. Enjoy;